Mobile Containers

The movement and the delivery of the liquids to various places, work stations or the different work units has always been a problem but after the introduction of the mobile containers, this problem has been solved to great extent.


These containers are made with the high quality food grade polypropylene plastic with blue, red or white colors. We have displayed a mobile container at which is available at our place for sale.


With wheels below the mobile storage containers, this is available with different sizes and capacity. The food grade polypropylene plastic has declared safe and non-injurious for the human health. This is why; the mobile containers are used to store and place the food items, food liquids, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, other perishable goods and the cooked or semi-cooked foods. These food trucks are used to deliver and distribute the food liquids in the various work stations of the places in food factories, manufacturing units, the food chains, restaurants, food storage warehouses, stockrooms, the hotels, catering houses, the restaurants, the shopping malls, the small food retail outlets and the other places like this. Especially, these are used in the food manufacturing units and the factories to deliver the liquid part of the inventory to various workstations. The beer and the liquors are specifically needed in such mobile trucks in the distilleries.          


Due to the wheels, the mobile container is applied to store the liquids and to deliver the liquids to the desired places, corners or the workstations. Due to their huge storage capacity, these mobile containers are called mobile storage truck for the food. One thing, to be kept in mind, is that the quality is our major ingredient which is not compromised or bargained at any cost. The ordered products are dispatched to your destination within the United Kingdom.    

  • High Quality Mobile Storage Truck Food Grade Polyethylene Material

    High Quality Mobile Storage Truck Food Grade Polyethylene Material
    Price: £129.99 (Excl. Tax)