Sheet Racks

Whether you are an owner of a company who manufacture different kind of sheets or simply a seller who can sell the sheets then the sheet racks supplied by us are ideal for you. We can supply the sheet racks in different styles which are aimed to provide storage and protection for your sheets.


Sheet metal racks sold by us in blue or black steel. They are popular in the warehouses, but can be used for the other storage places such as manufacturing units. They are widely applied for the storage of all types of the sheets. At the manufacturing units for the sheets, the sheets are stored in such racks till the shipment to the whole seller or to the warehouse.


The sheets can be placed in the horizontal horizontal sheet rack as well if storing them in vertical sheets racks is not possible. The sheet rack is made with very strong and heavy platform which supports the heavy weight of the sheets in the racks without getting damaged.


These sheet racks are boltless in nature which can be used put together in a short time. You can assemble it yourself without the help of any expert. The industrial standard sheet racks are also supplied which are more durable and long lasting.


Our customers can get the sheet racks supplied to their desired location anywhere in the United Kingdom at attractive rates where the option to get the items delivered anywhere is also available. You just have to order the items and leave the consignment delivery to us.

  • Sheet Racks Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop Multi Height Vertical Racks

    Sheet Racks Heavy Duty Industrial Workshop Multi Height Vertical Racks
    Price: £415.99 (Excl. Tax)