Vertical Storage Racks

If you are looking for racking which can be used to store large vertical things then the vertical storage racking offered by us is made right for you. This kind of racking is used on that places where you aim to store large and tall things which can’t be stored in regular racking.


The racking is usually made from typical materials like chipboard, metals like aluminum and steel and/or plastic but, their designs makes them tall and they can be open from top or sides to allow the large items like sheets, brooms and others things to be stored.


This kind of vertical sheet metal storage is mostly used in warehouses and industries where the tall items need to be stored. The items being stored are tall but, their width is much smaller which makes them less wide. The vertical storage racks are also ideal for places where you have compact space but, want to store items. The vertical sheet storage rack is also suitable for use in homes to store large items where we provide a variety of designs and materials to our customers.


We are one of the few vertical storage racking supplier in the United Kingdom who can supply the vertical racks at attractive rates. The racks are available in lowest possible rates but,  we make sure that only the best quality racking is shipped to the customer.

  • Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks

    Vertical Storage Racks High Quality Workshop Blue Sheet Racks
    Price: £369.99 (Excl. Tax)