Due to the specific nature of built and smaller size in height, the shelving is more popular for the garages, workshops, smaller units of workout, the small commercial units, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, small retail stores and even for the residential units. Their smaller size makes them popular among the children and the women folk.


Nine different types of garage shelving units are displayed on which are for sale. These shelving for garage are made, specifically, for the garages & workshops where they are used to perform semi heavy duty job. But, they may be used to perform heavy duty jobs as well.


Garage shelving UK are made with very strong and durable blue or black steel and with boltless design. Some of the shelf of shelving are made with chipboard or the wood. The boltless shelving is easier to erect and assemble in a few minutes by an ordinary purchase without the help of the expert and skilled worker. To facilitate the purchaser in the assembling process, the detailed drawings and illustrated instructions are also shipped with the ordered shelving.


These metal shelving for garage are made with different designs, different tiers, levels or bays. Three to five tiers are common in most of the shelving and some are made with the other structures, such as, the drawers or boxes.


But, one thing must be kept in mind that the quality is the main ingredient of our products which cannot be dealt or bargained at any cost. We assure the quality of the product till the delivery of the shelving to your doorsteps within the United Kingdom.


The dispatch time for the ordered product is maximum 24 hours after the receipt of the confirmed order and the payment.